Thursday, August 22, 2019

Variegated Mystery #ThursdayTreeLove

A couple of days ago, my spouse had a dream: in September, we would be hit by a cold wave, with temperatures in the mid teens (approximately -9 Celsius) and snow on the ground.

Please, not yet.

Right now, where I live in upstate New York the leaves on many trees are close to turning the dull green that precedes their starting the shut down process that makes them lose leaves and go into winter dormancy.

But not yet.  Earlier in August, this tree at our local botanical gardens shone with green and yellow variegated leaves.

Here is a closeup.

There is no tag on the tree so I have no idea what kind of tree it is.  It isn't common.  If anyone knows, I would love to know.

In the meantime, the tree stands - a mystery to all but, apparently, itself.

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  1. No...stop talking about fall...I’m not ready ...

  2. The variegated leaves give it a golden glow! Lets hope we learn of its id!

  3. I think your husband was off by 100F

  4. Gorgeous tree. I've sent the picture out to all my tree-loving cronies.
    And this time always makes me a bit sad. We didn't get summer this year. It's been cold and rainy the entire time. I think this whole summer, we had about 5 sunny days. Cloudiest summer on record. The thought of winter closing in early to top it off makes my heart break a little. :(

  5. The leaves on the tree look like some kind of Japanese maple or perhaps another kind of maple. Whatever it is, it has a lovely glow.

  6. I'm.ready.for.fall. just saying, grin. Next week, classes start back and there is no air conditioning in the History building. Answering your question you left on my blog...No, we have never been to Harris Hill. Elmira is like an hour and half east. Once a year we do go to the mall though, LOLOL. smiles

  7. Cold in September? Cold... in... September... Hmmm. Nope, does not compute. We've had some heat waves in as late as October (we've had 80 degree Christmases), so I just can't contemplate a cold September.

  8. Oh no! that's a cold dream ;)
    I have seen plants that have leaves like these. Yellow green and the pattern on each leaf is different. Thank you for sharing this Alana. It's okay if we don't know the names of the trees. That we are able to see them through each other's pictures is important.
    See you tomorrow.

  9. I must admit I've never seen a tree with variegated leaves. Different coloured leaves yes ( depending on the season - reddish pink in spring, or a fresher green of new leaves) but never one leaf having two colours. Since I am unfamiliar with North American trees don't have the foggiest idea. For your sake I hope winter isn't coming too soon.....

  10. I liked the first picture, its looking fresh with different shades of colour over the blue sky. Its a beautiful click.


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