Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Chalk the Walk #WordlessWednesday

Suicide prevention.   It's not just words for many people.

Spouse and I took a Sunday walk in Otsiningo Park, in Binghamton, New York.

We saw writing on the walk.

We ran across this sign, and noticed the bucket with thick chalk.  Public chalk surprised me a little in this day and age, but the messages certainly were inspiring.

A little hard to take pictures because many people were out walking, but I managed these. 

I applied a filter to make this easier to read.  That's why the grass looks almost neon green.

Joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for #WordlessWednesday.


  1. A wonderful chalk walk too.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  2. Its a difficult and stressful period and help in all forms is most vital. This is an innovative method of reaching out!

  3. Wow...All that chalk.

    Life is so stressful now.

  4. Hopefully those chalking will take it a step further and do the talking too. Then act to help others. I wouldn't want this important first baby step in awareness to be the only one. To be merely platitudes on the sidewalk. We have to be alert and really listen when people are hurting. That can take a lot of skill, reading between the lines so to speak. It's easy to say "Suicide is painless only 4 one," but for the one with suicidal thoughts, suicide is all they can see as a way to stop their pain. I read where one community was doing this virtually, posting chalker photos online, to keep social distancing.

  5. Awesome idea! So positive in a negative time!

  6. I've seen such writing around (as I documented on my blog in the spring), but I haven't come across public chalk. Very cool. Did you write something?

  7. People need all the help they can get in times like these.

  8. Alana,

    How encouraging to see messages of hope for those who suffer with dark thoughts. I pray for these individuals right now if they feel like they are at the end of their rope to hang on, their lives mean something to someone and without them in this world will bring darkness into their loved ones' lives. May God send help to those in need this very second!

  9. ...I wish that I had come up with the idea for sidewalk chalk.

  10. That is so very cool. Thanks for sharing it.


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