Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weather Underground, The Saga of the Florida Owls and Lots of Wonderful Bird Photos is a lot more than a weather site. They have an extensive collection of weather related, nature related, and other photos. A friend loves to send me links to the best photos and it is almost like I know some of the photographers.

If you love birds, you will love the following link: one of the loveliest photos of owls I have ever seen. The story that goes with it could have had a much sadder ending due to flooding down in Florida, but luckily most of this family survived.

I also like to follow pictures taken in Alaska-here is one

And finally, here is a wonderful baby bird photo.

I am a relative newbie with digital photography (I resisted it for a long time, especially because I have a lot of problems viewing the LCD screens) and I hope one day I can take photos of enough quality to upload here. Perhaps in my, ha ha, retirement.

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