Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Binghamton-the Land of Dinosaurs?

My spouse had a slightly different take on the "HART of BC" project related to the BC comic strip character Gronk riding a dinosaur, to be created as public art, as a symbol of Binghamton's revival.

My life partner finds it a bit strange for this project to use a dinosaur (symbol of being out of step with the times) for symbolizing our "rebirth" Considering that several years ago a NY Times article referred to Binghamton as a "burnt out industrial town" (I couldn't find an online link to this article), I wonder if people outside of Binghamton will be more bemused than impressed. I hope my spouse is wrong.

This Smithsonian blog entry had still another take on the matter. In fact, it is what Google came up with when I searched for "Dinosaur Binghamton".

Stay tuned.

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