Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Midnight Sun Festival Time

We are approaching the time when we all (in the Northern Hemisphere) will experience our maximum sunlight.

Today, on the Fairbanks webcams at 2am, it was fully light and 61 degrees. Meanwhile here, at 6am (4 hours ahead of Fairbanks) it was 63 degrees and thundering. In Fairbanks, it even got up to 79 degrees yesterday. Too bad today they are cloudy and it hasn't really gotten any warmer.

So, here is hoping Fairbanks has a wonderful Midnight Sun Festival this year. The Fairbanks News-Miner newspaper has a webcam trained at their parking lot, where some of the festival takes place. I'll be there in spirit. Today, on the News-Miner webcam, looks like they are starting to set up.

The way newspapers are endangered (I have an in-law in the business so know "from the inside"), I hope the News-Miner is around next year to help with this festival.

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