Saturday, July 25, 2009

Binghamton Shooting nearly 4 months later

So hard to believe that it will be 4 months come August 3.

There are no longer any obvious signs of the shooting. The ACA building is still closed, but they are holding classes in a nearby church. I haven't seen a fundraiser advertised recently.

For the family and friends of those who didn't survive, the healing will take a lot longer. This NPR piece is worth reading.

The parents of the shooter have put their house up for sale and moved, supposedly to Florida. They weren't driven out; in fact their neighbors took up a collection for them before they put their house up on the market.

What about our local corporations, in our era of ongoing layoffs by large employers such as Lockheed Martin?

A couple of times now, local companies have brought joy to our community. I don't know if it is because of the shootings, but this generosity benefited and will benefit many people in our community.

The first was back in June, when a local law firm gave away hundreds of free tickets so local people could see the Dicks Sporting Goods Open.

These tickets would have been $25. apiece otherwise. In our current economy, there are people who wouldn't have been able to attend otherwise.

The second will be next Friday, when two local companies "underwrite" the first day of our premier Spiedie Fest and Balloon Launch event.

Thank you, good corporate citizens.

In these days of recession, the Spiedie Fest free admission evening will make a lot of families very happy. This event is family friendly and alcohol free.

So, as always goes on.

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