Thursday, July 30, 2009

"C" Day: The 100th Blog Post

What is it about our culture that makes certain anniversaries or milestones more significant than others? Why is the 100th of something important and the...let's say, 78th - isn't.

I'd better make this entry special. What a bunch of pressure. Nah, no pressure. I will forge bravely ahead.

I will call this "C" day for a couple of reasons.

The number 100 in Roman numerals is "C". So, "C" for 100.

Next, an update on an entry of 7/21, about knowing when you have passed into the second half (the downhill half) of summer - the day you first hear the song of crickets. I said it would be any day now.

Last evening I was walking in my neighborhood about 6:15 pm and thought I heard one. Tonight, I was walking in Binghamton and this time there was no doubt. There was the chirp, the tolling of the natural bell crying (mixed metaphor, sorry) "beware the fleeting days of northern summer, and for whom the cricket chirps, this cricket chirps for you". Happy "C" day-for crickets for cicadas, for insert chirps. And for "oh crimminy" "oh crud" and....

I think you get my point.

Happy "C" Day!

Some bloggers give out special gifts to their fans. I'm not going to, except to say "thank you" to my small, loyal audience.

So....where do I want to go with this blog starting with post #101? I have some ideas, and I can honestly say it's been a pleasure posting to...probably not too many readers, but I am truly OK with that. Also, thank you Blogger, for giving me the forum to indulge my love of writing.

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