Friday, September 11, 2009

Chatham Great White Sharks-Not! (Or, What we did on our Summer Vacation)

I just returned from Cape Cod this afternoon.  So, fresh off the digital camera....

 We did not plan to go to Chatham originally (where the great white sharks were spotted recently) but decided to go there-being spontaneous is part of vacationing, after all.  So yesterday, off we went.   Needless to say, we didn't see any sharks.   However I got some nice beach pictures and had a good time.

This picture is of the Chatham Lighthouse, near to where some sharks were spotted earlier in the week.  The only sharks there now are the visitors, circling the limited number of available parking spaces. (We may have been one of the "sharks" in this article.  Gee, my 15 seconds of fame.)  If we had been there the day before (Wednesday) we could have taken a tour of this working lighthouse.

What we did get to see is harbor seals.  The seals we saw were all in the water so I did not get a good photo. One of my tries is in the picture below, a dot between the posts in the "corner" and the boat closest to the bottom of the photo to the right. 

Their faces look very much like dogs.

We did not have time to take one of the tours that would have taken us out to nearby Monomoy Island, where we could have engaged in seal watching.  Perhaps another time.

Here are some boats in the Chatham harbor.

Finally, a picture taken at a beach at the Monomoy Wildlife Refuge.  This is another place we could have spent a lot more time at. 

Ironically, the movie "Jaws" was filmed not that far away (as the seabird flies), on the island of Martha's Vineyard.  So, I didn't need any convincing to stay out of the water!  Needless to say, the beaches above were all closed to swimmers - although it was cool and windy and probably few people would have been in the water anyway.

Next post, the sweeter side of Chatham.

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