Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Forgotten History: The Binghamton Clothing Company Fire of 1913

Binghamton has been in the news before in a tragic way.  This past April was not the first time.

Many people know about the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire in New York City in 1911.  Not too many people have heard about a somewhat similar fire in Binghamton in 1913.   33 people died during a fire at the Binghamton Clothing Company on Wall Street in Binghamton.  On the 96th anniversary of the fire, this past July, a monument was finally dedicated.

Many things like this are lost in the "mists of time".  I am glad that this chapter of Binghamton's history was officially recognized this past July.


  1. My great aunt - Nellie Connor - died in the Binghamton fire. July 22, 2013 will be 100th anniversary. Its a tragedy similar fires continue to occur around the world.

    Kevin O'Connor

    1. To Kevin O'Connor: Nellie Connor was my great aunt, sister of my great grandfather, Timothy O'Connor. I happen to be on here researching the family history and would be interested to hear from you if you get this!!! You can e-mail me at rockmyshammy@aol.com. This would be very exciting to me if it ever comes to be. Yours truly, Ginger Cawley.

    2. Hi Ginger Cawley. By way of introduction, my name is Diane Dow. Your great grandfather - Timothy J. O'Connor's wife, Sarah Jane Stack, is my great aunt.

      I was just at the O'Connor family reunion this past Sunday. I don't I've ever met you before, but I can tell you and I are related.

      Regards, /Diane

    3. Hello Kevin O'Connor: I believe we met once a very long time ago. My name is Shawn (Russell) Simmons and my Grandmother was Catherine Russell. I believe she was Nellie Connor's great niece. Like Ginger Cawley, I am also researching my family history and would be very appreciative of any information and pictures you may be willing to share. Thank you so much for any help you can give. My email is smcdermott02@gmail.com

  2. Ginger and Kevin --

    My Aunt (my mother's sister) Patricia Donohue has advised that there will be a dedication at the plaque honoring those from the fire at the Riverwalk on Court Street at 2pm on 7/22/13. Pat will be reading the poem she wrote about the fire.

    Sharon Beavan

  3. My Aunt will be reading a poem written by a guy from Buffalo about the fire -- not something she wrote. (oops!)


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