Monday, November 2, 2009

One More Day Until We Know Johnson City's Fate

And guess what?

The Johnson City dissolution debate is in its final day.

 Several posts ago I wondered, "What would George [F. Johnson, the person Johnson City is named after] do?" Now, we have our answer.

No, it wasn't revealed during a Halloween Night seance. (and Houdini didn't show up either). Rather it has been revealed through our very own newspaper, the Press and Sun-Bulletin. In a recent editorial, it was revealed that George F. Johnson may well have voted "yes" for dissolution, based on his various philosophies.

It does make interesting reading.  Keep in mind that George F. Johnson, in many ways, was years ahead of his time.  I'm sure many older people in this community wish he could come back for long enough to guide us through this crisis.

Stay tuned for the results.

Oh, and Houdini?  At the Magic Castle you can even participate in a seance to celebrate his life.  Maybe one day they will even make contact with George F. Johnson.

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