Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back in the Water Again

Today, thanks to physical therapy, I was able to return to my water aerobics class.  Mind you, I can't do most of the exercises yet, but I wanted to be there even if I couldn't truly participate.  After all, I've been going to water aerobics for 14 years and I'm not about to quit now.  The physical therapist agrees water walking is good for me:  but no twisting, no bending, no using water for resistance, no anything that even would start to give me pain or stress my back.

Water walking on a somewhat numb right foot was interesting.

It's really too bad that the classes more suited for people with various "issues": arthritis, etc. - are during the day, as if people who work during the day don't have a need for, say, arthritis classes. But I understand a lot of their clientèle is elderly and the elderly tend to go more to the day classes.

My regular instructor was out of town, and will be the next two weeks.  So the class was taught by two teen lifeguards.  One wore flip flops and read from a list of exercises.  "Do Nemos.  You know what a Nemo is, right?" she offered as we moved around.  I stayed in the pool about 1/2 hour, including walking around before the instructors showed up.  To be honest, I would have been disappointed if I was in peak shape.  But in a way it was just what I needed for a first time back.

My upper body is going to hate me in the morning.

Wait till I tell my therapist!

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