Monday, December 14, 2009

Blue Christmas Continued

My recent entries on "Blue Christmas" encouraged me to write a little article for my company newsletter on the subject.  I wrote about those in pain, and gave some general suggestions I felt were appropriate, based on my own experience of 11 years ago when my father in law passed away during Christmas night.

I must have hit some kind of nerve; in the first several hours since it appeared I got two comments about it.   The article hadn't even been announced yet.  And, the person who takes contributions for the newsletter was interested in running it because she knew people in pain - people who had suffered recent losses.  The way we celebrate Christmas was causing them even more pain.

Obviously there is a need for a recognition out there of those who find only pain in the nonstop "all Christmas all the time" blitz our society subjects us to for a good three months of each year.  It is impossible to escape. 

It is good to see that churches are recognizing this, and hold "Blue Christmas" services.  And it is better seeing that many of these are open to those of all faiths, or no faiths.  Pain knows no religious boundary.

My heart goes out to all those "celebrating" a Blue Christmas this year.  May you find comfort, and may time help to heal your pain.

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