Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Finding Lost Friends - Should I Try?

A new Facebook site for people who grew up in the Bronx attracted my attention when one of my high school friends joined it.  So I did too and I am now treated to daily internal Facebook emails asking for my input on various topics.

One email asked if I had any friends from my past that I wanted to track down.

So here is my chance to try to find my elusive friend with the unique first name that I wrote about on this blog a few posts ago.  And, maybe even try to find another friend I've been thinking about trying to locate (with her, I lost track in college).

Should I?  Shouldn't I?

I do spend a little time on Facebook each day attending to my FarmVille farm so it wouldn't take much out of my life.  But this kind of thing also makes me feel a little exposed.

I'll report on if I do this, and what happens.  As I have found out, the news isn't always good, but do I want to take that chance?

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