Monday, December 21, 2009

One Day I May Dance

This holiday season I have been granted the gift of movement.

I am back to water aerobics, 2nd class in a row, although I still can't do all the movements. I do the best that I can and it is so wonderful to move in the water once again.  The exercise class is almost empty this time of year, which is good for me.

  My physical therapist has now given me a number of exercises to do, to relieve pain, to start the process of strengthening my abdominal muscles, and now, to try to stretch my right leg so I can straighten it without pain.   She had me on the treadmill today, and had me do a stretching exercise with a long belt.

January 6 I get results of my MRI and maybe then I will know why I am still having the issues I am having.  Or maybe the surgeon will tell me that the MRI didn't show anything.

I remember the joke about the man asking his surgeon if he'll be able to play the piano after his surgery, the surgeon says "of course you will" and the man says "that's funny, I can't play it now".  I have never danced.  I was born with two left feet.  I envy the people on Dancing with the Stars who can turn and spin and do all those movements.  But maybe, when I emerge from this back problem stuff, I will be able to dance.

Or maybe regular moving around will feel like dance.  Because now I know what it is like to be in such pain one can barely move.

So now I am grateful for my everyday walking, and for being able to get back into the pool.

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