Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sorry You Lost Your Job-Here's a Card

Hallmark is no stranger to trying to sell cards during the recession.

And no stranger to layoffs, either.


I was on the Hallmark site, sending some ecards this afternoon.  Hallmark has a nice selection of ecards-many cost 99 cents each, or you can buy an annual subscription and send unlimited card.  These are high quality ecards, too.

Here and there they offer free ecards.

I noticed that there was a "care and concern" catagory, and they offered some cards to console those who had lost their jobs.

Twenty four cards offered for the people wanting to console job losers. 

Perhaps I am in my "bah-humbug" mood (which will last until Christmas Eve, probably) but I should applaud Hallmark for owning up to the fact that times are tough and offering people a way to send a few moments of cheer or inspiration to someone they care about.  I personally don't think I would do this but the option is there for those who would.

I wish I had a clever ending for this post, but I don't.  I am lucky to have a job but I know others who don't, or who are sweating out whether they will be on the next layoff list. 

We can all hope this category shrinks substantially next year.  Why don't we go see next December?

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