Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Beautiful Historic Building in Downtown Binghamton

 Ah, the glories of what downtown Binghamton used to be like- as reflected in the remaining buildings of that golden age....

The Security Mutual building is a landmark building in downtown Binghamton.   There is a lot to see.  I took a tour in 1987 - it was business related (for the job I had at the time) - and the detail I saw was fantastic.

This is a wonderful article in today's newspaper.  Too bad there are no tours of the building that I am aware of.  Right now you have to have business within the building in order to enter it, and the public is restricted to a couple of areas.  It would be a great fundraiser to have tours, perhaps on First Fridays.

One of the features of the building, as I recall (not included in this article) is a huge conference table that was created from one solid piece of wood.  That must have been one gigantic tree.  They don't "make'em" like that any more.

The Peregrine Falcons love the building, too.  If you walk by the building you, many times, have to walk around the remains of today's dinner. 

I hope Security Mutual considers allowing tours.  They already do many other things to help out downtown, notably provide hanging baskets to decorate downtown lamposts during the summer.  (and, I'm sure, a lot more things I don't know about.)  The money raised could go to any one of several organizations doing good for downtown Binghamton.  Nearby Phelps Mansion already does this.

So how about it?  I would love to see this-Downtown Binghamton needs all the help it can get.

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