Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Newspapers Online Circa 1981-Cutting Edge! Read all About It!

Hey, it's the wave of the future!
This link shows a video from a 1981 newscast.

Too bad the reporter didn't have a crystal ball.

Or a link into the future.  If he did, he'd hear a lot of laid off newspaper people screaming to him "Don't do it!"

And what was so  horrible about what he did?

Watch the person dial into an online service (CompuServe?) using a rotary phone and then reading a paper online.  It only takes two hours to download.

Remember, boys and girls, this was before the Internet.

Is my son ever going to love this!

As for a family member who works for a newspaper....maybe not so much.  But I am going to send it to her anyway.

You see, for various reasons, including the Internet, many people don't read newspapers-paper newspapers that is-anymore.  Like my son, and many his age (almost 20).  Meaning the newspaper my relative works for, and many others, have been busily laying off people for months.  Or going out of business.  Or trying to "change with the times", but not knowing what the correct change needs to be.

So if the man in this clip is still around he may be wondering "What was I thinking?"

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