Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Day of Spring-in Mt. Airy, NC

Tonight spouse and I are in Mt. Airy, NC starting a southern vacation.  This is the birthplace of Andy Griffith.  Unfortunately they had already rolled up all the sidewalks by the time we got downtown at 5:50 pm and only a couple of touristy places were open.  But we walked down Main Street and took some pictures which I hope to post a little later.

One thing I can't post was the Andy Griffith Show theme echoing through the almost deserted downtown.  Obviously this is not peak tourist season-thankfully!

On the way down we had lunch in Virginia at a place called Southern Kitchen.  Had peanut soup (it's wonderful) and a BBQ pulled pork sandwich served the local way, on a hamburger bun with cole slaw on top.  Just listening to those southern accents was a tonic for winter.

Here in Mt Airy, forsythias and daffodils are out.  We saw a couple of northern magnolias getting ready to bloom.  Hard to believe it is snowing in Oklahoma City!.  It was 79 degrees when we arrived.   It is still very pleasant.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are a beautiful backdrop for the first day of spring

Tomorrow, the truck stop next to us is featuring a breakfast buffet featuring fruit, fresh made biscuits and gravy, grits...yum.

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