Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back to Snow

With luck, we won't get any accumulation.

But, after a couple of weeks of above normal temperatures, with the crabapples ready to burst into bloom, we had snow flurries several times today.

In fact, right now it is warmer in Fairbanks, Alaska than it is here.

Although I'll bet nothing is blooming in Fairbanks yet.  Meanwhile, here, we are probably a good two or three weeks ahead of time on flowering trees.  The forsythias and Bradford pears are fading, the magnolias are at peak, early rhododendrons are in full flower and the crabapples are starting to open up.

Tulips are blooming.  Early daffodils are dying, midseason daffodils taking over.  Grape hyacinths and dutch hyacinths are in bloom.

So, it would be a good time to think back to our late March vacation down to Georgia, and North Carolina.  Those memories will have to warm us until the weather warms up again.

Snow, snow, go away!  Stay away until next year!

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