Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to two Special Moms in Heaven

Happy Mothers Day, Mom.  I have not seen you since 1965, when a medical condition suddenly removed you from my life.  But I think of you daily, and there is a hole in my heart that will never be totally repaired.

I never knew, until I was a mother (sounds so much like a cliche but it isn't) what this all meant.  I didn't have a template for mothering when I became one; I had to find my own way-as so many "motherless daughters" do.

There was a website for mothers such as myself, although it seems right now to be undergoing "remodeling".

The other Mom in heaven was an aunt who was like a second Mom to me in many ways until her untimely death almost seven years ago.  She loved her children and grandchildren, and made room for me in her life.  What I loved about her the most was her ability to relate to young people.  On the last full day of her life, although she was in her late 70's, she played ping-pong with my son.  And, she loved watching SpongeBob Square Pants and listening to the music of a different generation.

She adapted.  Her heart was young, and so was her mind.

I hope I can be like that when I get to her age.

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