Thursday, May 20, 2010

San Francisco Movie

This video link has probably been emailed to everyone in the United States by now, but I have to express my pleasure that I was one of the recipients.  It is an approximately 7 minute video taken from a San Francisco streetcar in either 1905 or 1906.  Some accounts claim it was taken 4 days before the San Francisco earthquake.  After some research, the evidence seems to support the 1906 date.

Sadly, the studio that shot this was destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake.  The aftermath is powerfully described in the above link.  It led indirectly to the suicide of one of the brothers whose studio shot this film in 1908.

I can't get over it.  I can watch the film over and over again.

Not so much the modern version of this trip.  Of course, the fascinating thing about the modern version (apparently filmed in 2005) on You Tube is that the tower the streetcar was heading towards is still there.  In fact, it is 112 years old.

History.  You can write about it but when it is on film it is somehow more real.

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