Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Am Feeling Sorry for Myself

Got back a little bit ago from Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society 24 hour fundraiser.  Cancer doesn't neither should we.

I am feeling my age.

I put in an 8 hour workday yesterday and went to this...and had to leave after 1 1/2 hours.  My back and right leg were bothering me.  I was exhausted.  So was spouse, who put in his own workday.

We returned today and did maybe 1 3/4 miles of walking, had the leftovers from the survivors breakfast (thank you for sharing!!) and did a lot of sweating.

While I am at it, a shoutout to a special cancer survivor in my life, who is celebrating her 58th birthday today, and almost 30 years cancer free from one of the deadlier cancer.

But now, back to my whine.

I hate to make this admission.  I am tired.

I have to do this differently next year.  We are supposed to "think young" but the old bones and arthritic joints (and sciatica) have a way of bringing us back to reality.

I admire the survivors and can't imagine what they face each day.  Some chemos are very hard and have permanent side effects.

Yes, we have to move.  Motion is lotion, and all that.

Still, there was something....subdued....this year.  The Relay didn't give off its normal vibe.  Or maybe it was just me.

I hope it was just me, and is just the tiredness speaking.

My next entry will be more upbeat, about something that happened at lunch yesterday.

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