Friday, July 2, 2010

The hART of Disappearing Dinos

Tonight was First Friday in downtown Binghamton.  I wanted to take some pictures and hoped to get pictures of a couple of new dinos that had appeared the last two weeks downtown.

One of the newer "Gronks" was there this morning.  I saw it on the way to work, with two of the older dinos.

This evening, there were no dinos to be found in downtown Binghamton.

What's up?  The newspaper didn't seem to say.  There was nothing on Binghamton's official website either although there was an earlier article outlining some of the measures being taken to protect the dinosaurs.

I was disappointed.  I'm sure other people were, too.

I did take some other pictures of downtown Binghamton highlights, though and hope to have them up this weekend.

UPDATE 7-3-10:  The dinos have been found.  More later, perhaps tomorrow.

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