Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life in a Day AM style

I don't have a video camera so why not blog about highlights of my day?  Will anyone care?

Today is July 24, the official date of the Google "Life in a Day" project.  Maybe they thought blogging was too static.  Or too old fashioned.  Or, that they would get a bunch of  "I got up.  I trimmed my three face hairs. Then I ate some cereal.  Then I hung out on the streetcorner for the next 12 pointless hours" kind of thing.

Well, just wait until you turn 30. Or 50.  Or 60. Thenitisallgoingtoruntogetherandyourblogwon'thaveenoughroomtohandleitall. 

Many adults are crazy, burnt-out busy.  I am fortunate not to be (at this point in my life).

So rev up your imaginations, pretend this post is a You Tube clip......

Woke up, knew it was going to be hot and humid out.

Harvested virtual crops on FarmVille.  Have FarmVille go glitchy on me about 5 times.  Replant a four hour crop, organic blueberries.  (YES!  They posted organic blueberries for planting: for a week only.  But still.)

Went to get bloodwork.  Then spouse and I had breakfast out, one of our luxuries (we do it once a month or so.)

Then we took an exercise walk.  Were we soaked when we ended it!  Did a bit less than three miles.  During the walk, we talked about my mother in law coming up here next month.  She is staying at my brother in law's house.  We have various concerns about whether she will be able to manuver in the house, meaning:  will she be able to get up the stairs?  She'll have to bring this or that....etc.  In some ways it is once again almost like planning a visit with a young baby.  Bring this, bring that, bring whatever, they may not have it, etc. etc. etc.  Into the car, out of the car.  Somehow walk to where you are visiting with baby in one arm, diaper bag slung across shoulder, something else in the other arm, and the spouse walking besides you empty handed.  No wonder I have a bad back.

But I'm ramblin'.  I know this is just the beginning of trying to plan for travel with my mother in law's various limited movement concerns.  Going to that wedding with her last week was an eyeopener because she was outside of her home, and we don't see her in those kinds of circumstances as often as we should, living three hours away.  So we know we have to plan this visit this time (she comes up here once a year) with a lot of things in mind..   You know what though, walking is a good mental exercise and you think of stuff like that.

After the walk, back home.   Stop sweating.  Prepare to pick blueberries.

Stop at Wegmans (supermarket) to pick up a couple of items, and munch on their samples.  Today they are sampling salad greens with chopped avocado and shrimp. Give shrimp to spouse.

Go to blueberry farm with spouse, about a 20 minute drive each way.  Hot, humid, but breezy.  Pick blueberries.  Ignore wasps.  Ignore young couple who brush by me- the woman has enough perfume on her to attract every bee and wasp in Broome County.  Sinuses start up immediately.  The blueberries are plentiful but a bit waterlogged.  Still, I love blueberries and it's hard to beat $1.70 a pound.  Ignore said couple, woman now talking about all the poison ivy in the rows.  (I hope not-I've been coming to this place for years and never got a rash-but poison ivy can be mistaken for a lot of other things.)  Couple leaves, leaving the usual crowd of couples, mothers with children, and the fun three generational groups with child, parent and grandparent sharing the experience.  Fill buckets finally, weigh out, exchange pleasantries with the cashier, pay, leave.

Discover we forgot hot dog rolls.  Stop at another supermarket. Watch teen cashier be nice to grumpy customers.  The air conditioner isn't working the way it should.  At least (knock on wood) we don't get brownouts here.

Come home.  Harvest virtual blueberries.  FarmVille goes glitchy on me during the harvest and replanting about 8 times.  Decide I'm about ready to master the organic blueberries so after they ripen in four hours that will be it for FarmVille today. (except, I do intend to write a post on it.)

Blog.  Rest. Repeat.

Actually, in the middle of those activities, I did a lot of research on a possible trip to Eastern NY later this year.  "More on that in another post".

More FarmVille.  More glitches.  Food for another blog post.

It's almost 7pm. Spouse is finishing up a BBQ and then hopefully we will settle back with either the movie "The Terminal" (saw part of it, long ago, would now be nice to see the rest) or a DVD of episodes from Season 4 of the 90's TV show "Northern Exposure".

I am going to publish this blog post before the end of the day, so here is hoping nothing unexpected happens.


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