Saturday, July 10, 2010

Otsiningo Park Farmers Market

Whoever suggested putting a Saturday farmers market in Otsiningo Park (and routing the bus so it would stop there) should be praised.  May it continue to succeed.  From what it looked like today-food was flying out of there.

I had been there several times last year-it was a good start with a good variety of vendors.

I went today, for the second time this year (I normally visit the downtown Binghamton market) - and to my delight, there were a number of organic vendors.  Summer has kicked in with produce of every description from kale, broccoli, garlic, zucchini, to cherries, blueberries, plants, cut flowers, and (not produce but local ) eggs, chicken, beef, pork, cheese and even goat.  Additionally, herbal tea, organic pet products and a cupcake booth rounded out today's selection.

A local organic cheese producer, Englebert Farms, was there sampling some of their cheeses.  The smoked Swiss was heavenly, but a little softer than I would have preferred for swiss.  So we, instead, bought smoked cheddar, and a mozzarella.

Spouse had tried his hand at cheesemaking  many years ago and knows mozzarella can be difficult to make, so he is eager to try it.

Not only that but one of my favorite cuts of beef (sorry, vegetarian friends), brisket, was being sold by two different producers.  We jumped on that.  The vendor I bought from used to frequent the Binghamton farmers market downtown, but no longer does, for some valid reasons pertaining to difficulty in maneuvering large trailers on the narrow side street it is located on.

Now all we need is some wine tasting (we do have a local winery) although this being in a county park may not make that possible.

This is a wonderful location, right off the Interstate, with potential for a lot of room for expansion.  Not only that, it is close to our community garden just in case we need to stop by for a little harvesting.

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