Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alligators Along the Susquehanna

...and, a Johnson City drainage ditch.  Near our new Wal-Mart, no less. (The Johnson City one has been caught, according to the news.)

Our local CBS affiliate got a picture of the Susquehanna alligator.

First, decorated dinosaurs...now real live alligators.  I'm sure the fishermen in this area aren't amused, and neither are the people who like to gather at various unofficial "swimmin' holes" along the Susquehanna.

However, as someone who grew up in NYC (land of the alligators in the sewers) and lived in Florida (alligators in ditches there are a dime a dozen)...well, we probably have more to worry about from snapping turtles around here.

Of course, if someone actually gets hurt, it won't be a joke anymore.

Who says Binghamton is boring?

And folks, please...alligators do NOT make good pets.  Or Upstate NY wildlife.  Just ask the folks in Florida, who fish them out of swimming pools and other spots.

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