Thursday, September 9, 2010

Binghamton's Trinity Church

Some people who know me must be bemused by my love of a good artistic, historic church.  I am not a artist, I am not educated in art, and I do not find myself in churches too often. But when I do, there's a special reason.

There is a very special historic church in Lower Manhattan by the name of Trinity Church.  George Washington went to church at nearby St. Paul's Chapel.

That church was already old (the congregation having been founded in 1697) when Washington worshipped there.

There is a wonderful blog on Trinity Church's website that I hope one day I can just sit down with a glass of iced tea (or a cup of  hot chocolate, depending on when I get around of it) and read it, immersing myself in the sweetness of history.

As we get close to 9/11 I spend some time thinking of Trinity Church, which almost "bought it" that day.

When I think of Trinity Church, I also think of a church right here in Binghamton by the name of Christ Episcopal Church.

Its congregation is a little baby congregation in age next to Trinity Church, having been founded more recently. (1810 to be exact).  But in heart, I have to believe they have more in common than the man who designed both buildings.

This is a picture I took of the outside of the church back in July.

What I don't have a picture of is the view of the stained glass windows at sunset.  If the sun is at just the right angle, they light right up.

As we draw closer to 9/11 the thoughts of many of us turn spiritual.  So I can wonder why Trinity Church survived 9/11.  Was it just random?  Or was there something more involved?

Whatever the answer, we can be closer to Trinity Church here in Binghamton, every time we who spend time in downtown Binghamton pass Christ Episcopal.

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