Thursday, September 23, 2010

What do Rachael Ray and I have in Common?

We are both on line?  We are both women?  She likes to cook and I like to eat?

All of the above and one other:  We both love Oscar's Smokehouse in Warrensburg, NY.   So how did I get involved in this icon of the Adironacks?

I was researching bed and breakfasts in the Adironacks, and noticed where one was bragging of serving breakfasts made with "Oscar's Smokehouse Meats"

A local smokehouse....that's like dangling Godiva in front of a chocoholic.  Incidentally, I am a chocoholic too, in case you need hints for a holiday present.

I immediately planned my trip.

We ended up going there twice, and I didn't even know about the Rachael Ray connection.  Or about the fire last year that could have put them out of business but made them rebuild bigger and better.  All I know is...I walked in and I was in smokehouse heaven.  Smoked cheese.  Smoked cheese dips. Sausages. Smoked Turkey.  Smoked Chicken.  Chocolate covered bacon (yes, really).   Local bread and chocolate.   Landjaeger.  Elk sausage.  Duck sausage.  We had smoked turkey deli for lunch yesterday and smoked turkey breast with veggies for dinner.  I snacked on their cheese curd in the car.  Not only good local food, but reasonable prices too.  Definitely not a tourist trap.  I almost could have financed the trip on their food if I had prepared my budget (and my freezer) in advance.

We did treat my mother in law, brother in law and sister in law to lunch from their deli., wait, Rachael has that one taken already.  Oops, sorry.

And if you do visit Oscar's here's ome of Rachael's recipes to get you started.  Too bad I didn't know about them either, because now I can't make them without going back.  Darn.
Bowties with Smoked Almond Sauce, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomatoes

Oh P.S. Bobby Flay eats their bacon.  Maybe next time I'll buy some.

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