Sunday, November 14, 2010

Folding Up into Winter

The last ice cream stands are closing, their picnic tables stacked.  The golf driving range/nursery we get plants from has shut its doors, although it still is displaying "Sale!" signs from their "get rid of the last mums" effort.  Dried leaves blow from yard to yard.  The last trees with remnants of green leaves reach to the weakening light, soaking in the last warm rays of an "Indian" summer before they shut themselves off for the winter.  

The 2010 farmers market at Otsiningo Park is now history. 

We of the Triple Cities prepare for Thanksgiving, decorating in orange and brown and red, while we gird ourselves for the holiday season.  We who are fortunate enough to have jobs look forward to turkey and Black Friday, to local pumpkin pie and candy apples, to cider and warm donuts.

Those without jobs.....pray the food pantries will be full for them.

We remember the summer but know that the first snow flurries and sleet have fallen, and that the streets will soon turn white with snow.

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