Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I've Learned About Daytime TV

The good news for me is, I don't have to use the crutches anymore if my ankle will support the weight.  But I'm still spending a lot of the day with my leg up.  Thank heavens for laptops.

Now I have to try to figure out how to exercise until I can get back to my 4 mile walks (have a feeling that will be a while). But in the meantime I have been doing one thing I rarely do, which is watch daytime TV.

I won't miss it any.  A sampling:

Dr. Phil:  young adult twins addicted to heroin, trying to raise their three children.  The family that takes drugs together.....  The brother, the father...well, it gave a new definition to "dysfunctional".    Dr. Phil sent them, and their father, off to separate drug rehab programs.

Jerry Springer:  several women seriously trying to hurt each other, never figured out the story line. 

Rachael Ray:  Yum-O.

The Price is Right:  Drew Carey looks great with all the weight he's lost!

Oprah:  Wasn't interesting.  Too bad, may be the last time I get to see her show.

Now I know why I never got addicted to daytime TV during my vacation time.

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