Friday, December 24, 2010

Downtown Recovers and Sings

I wanted to share a piece of Binghamton Christmas season tradition with you, in the wake of the fire we experienced Tuesday night.

Every "last day of work before Christmas" for around the past 16 years, employees of downtown employer Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York gather at noon in the marble lobby of their building to sing Christmas songs.  Not only are there talented singers, but also several employees on instruments accompanying them.

Thanks to You Tube, I can share this with you.  I was in the lobby for the 2010 caroling, made special by the smell of the smoke from the fire.  But it didn't stop anyone.  Note, the sound quality is horrible, but enjoy when the person taking the video scans the lobby.

Wouldn't it be great to work in a building like that?

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Feliz Navidad

(and no, I wasn't the one who made the video.)

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