Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dandelions and singing birds in January in Upstate NY

I took a short walk around my neighborhood today and to my delight, I found two dandelion flowers in someone's lawn.

What is so delightful about this find is what made it all possible:  no snow on the ground.

That's right.  Upstate NY.  January 4.  No snow on the ground. (except in very isolated spots.)

It may drive certain people crazy, but I am thrilled.

It didn't get quite as warm (41 degrees) as it did late last week(when we reached 52) but the 52 degree weather late last week brought its own rewards:  singing birds.

Anyone who denies climate change solely because of political beliefs should reconsider.  Whether or not this is a normal fluctuation of our weather (which has happened before in human history) or due to ecological damage:  it is here, and it is changing all of our lives.  These will indeed be interesting times.

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