Friday, January 28, 2011

Farming During a Revolution Part 2

Today's "what the heck" moment came when I was playing FarmVille, picking up the gifts and helping out my FarmVille friend in Tunisia....while listening, live, to President Mubarak (of Egypt)'s speech.

The Tunisian revolution has spread.  And while I listened to Mubarak announce that his government would resign and there would be a new government tomorrow (although he was going to stay in power), I was gathering valentines, wooden boards, bushels of produce and freshly "baked" virtual bakery goods sent to me from Tunisia.

Now, I am watching live riots in the streets, in the dark.  People clapping and shouting, cars on fire.

The unrest is spreading to Algeria, to Syria.

Cairo is on fire.

My FarmVille friend says, of Facebook, that it "helped overthrow a President/Dictator who was in power for 23 years. 3 weeks of protests and the flow of info on Facebook brought him down."  But the situation is wearing on him, there in Tunis.  We are very lucky, here in the U.S. -at least for right now.  We get to watch it on TV.

My FarmVille friend is still living it.

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