Thursday, February 10, 2011


Bad weather is a'comin.

So how would I know that?  Well, from some very bad memories.

In 1980, we lived in Wichita, KS.  A record low was set on February 10, 1980.  It snowed on April 4, 1980.  And, what followed was the summer from hell, highlighted by highs of 110 on July 10, 111 on July 11, and 112 on July 12.  All together, 20 heat records were set between June 24 and August 13, 1980, "all of which still stand", according to NOAA.  My spouse had an outdoor job.  We did not have air conditioning in our house.

We left for good the following March.

Well....this morning (February 10, 2011) Wichita hit a new record low of minus 17.  So did Fayetteville, Arkansas (also minus 17), where we lived after moving from Wichita.  This followed record snowfalls on February 9.  In Springdale, AR (where we also lived after moving from Wichita), someone measured 24 inches of snow on their porch.  Nearby Northwest Arkansas airport hit a record low of minus 20 this morning.

The low at our house for this winter, in the Triple Cities of upstate NY, on the other hand, has been minus five.  It is supposed to reach zero tonight.

I was actually seriously thinking about visiting Arkansas this spring to "celebrate" the 30th anniversary of us leaving.  Sure glad we changed our travel plans.

So, are Kansas and Arkansas the new snowbelt?  Not exactly.  While we here in Binghamton have enjoyed a winter full of single digit lows and recently icy sidewalks, Fayetteville, AR should  be in the 50's by the weekend. Good thing too, as they probably have as much snow removal equipment as they did when we lived there...which wasn't much.

Meanwhile, New York City continues to suffer with ice and snow.

Climate change?  Global warming?  Sunspots?  You decide.  For sure, the Weather Channel has it made.

There are drawbacks to getting older.  Too many memories.  Finding patterns.  Dreading another 1980.

Sure hope I'm wrong.

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