Sunday, March 13, 2011

Guideposts-A Shout Out For Great Customer Service

Good customer service is so hard to come by nowadays, that good customer service deserves a cyber-shoutout.

There is a magazine called Guideposts.  As they say on their website "We’ll bring you true stories of hope, faith, personal growth and positive thinking, plus inspiring quotes, daily devotionals and prayers for every need. A little inspiration…it can change your day, even your life."

My mother in law had subscribed to Guideposts magazine for many years.  She is a deeply religious woman and I'm sure this magazine brought her a lot of inspiration and comfort.   I would occasionally get her issues after she had accumulated a stack.  But in a recent visit to my mother in law, she told me "I haven't seen an issue in quite a while".  She gave me the remaining issues she had, which were a couple of years old.

From what I could tell, the subscription expired in 2009.  Puzzled, I contacted Guideposts.  I explained that she had fallen, was confined to her house due to her injuries and the terrible winter they were having where she lives, and if they could check into this.  I found it hard to believe she would have let the magazine lapse.

Indeed, the subscription had expired back in 2009.  But what happened next absolutely delighted me.  They told me they had given her a free one year subscription.  And sure enough, when I visited her last week, she had her first issue of the "reinstated" subscription.

Thank you, Guideposts, for this gesture to a long time customer.

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