Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Rainy Evening in Georgia (with Hail)

Today, after a 37 year wait, I finally set foot in Savannah.

In 1974 we took a trip from New York City to Tampa, Florida, on I-95 and passed through Savannah.  I remember seeing all the palm trees (they are probably really palmettos) and wanting to see the city.  I've passed through it 3 times since on the auto train, but was never able to stop.

Two years ago we had a visit planned and had to cancel it due to car trouble.

This time-we made it!

We took one of those trolley tours of downtown Savannah.  Had about 2 hours of good walking after and then it started getting really dark.  Spouse pointed out the blue green color of the sky.  It's been a long time since we've seen something like that.  He told us we'd better get back to where our car was parked (in the lot of the Savannah visitors center).  Not two minutes after we got to the center the heavens opened.  Had torrential rains (still is pouring) with lightening and nickel sized hail.  I'm sure we had a little damage to the car but not worried about it right now.

So there is still a lot to see.  And, eventually I will write about it complete with photos.

Charleston it is not and I was not expecting it to be.  There is more crime, and a bit of "edginess" to it but, as a fan of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil....well it did not disappoint, not at all.

You would not believe the scenery.  Boulevards with dividers full of blooming azaleas and hawthorn trees with live oaks dripping with spanish moss arching over the roads.  The squares...all 22 of them....beckoned with fountains, with flowering trees and bushes, with statues.

Forsyth Park was everything we'd thought it would be, and more.  Beautiful fountain.  Part of the fountain area was roped off for a wedding.   Families frolicked in the heat.  It was humid but not overly so.

We haven't made it yet to Bonaventure Cemetary and don't know if we will.  

One place we did make it to was the Byrd Cookie Company.  That deserves its own blog entry.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain in the morning and then taper off.  Tomorrow it's only supposed to get to 59 degrees!  Moreland, Georgia made it into the news with their hail.  It wasn't as bad here and we will hope it remains that way.

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