Monday, March 7, 2011

Robin Igloos

I hope the robins I blogged about yesterday built themselves some snug igloos yesterday afternoon and picked up a space heater or two at Kovarik Hardware, because we have ourselves a state of emergency and the roads are closed due to snow. They won't be flying anywhere for a bit.

The funny thing is I was just messaging back and forth with a local Facebook friend, a FB friend in New Jersey, and my Farming Through the Revolution Facebook friend in Tunisia (things are calm there) about our weather, while emailing someone in Fayetteville, NY (a suburb of Syracuse).  Our wonderful electronic age does lead to some interesting situations, which I am reporting to you on using a "web log" (blog).

So I'm home for this morning.  I haven't gone out yet.  My poor spouse actually made it to work but he had quite the adventure.  I'm sure he's not thinking about robins right now.

And gee, I was going to blog about someone I indirectly know who won the lottery, but this is more fun.

Only two more weeks to (ha ha) spring.

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