Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The South Shall Rise Again (Probably Part 1 of Several)

Decided to visit the Wal-Mart in Mt. Airy.   There are some regional food specialties we love, and needed to get some supplies for my back problem.

In the parking lot....well, you know the "People of Wal-Mart" website?  I wish I had my camera handy when a pickup roared through the lot, complete with a full sized Confederate Stars and Bars mounted in the bed.

Then there was the lady, quite obese, who sported what looked like a tattoo of the Virgin Mary on her upper arm.  I didn't want to obviously stare so I gave up trying to figure her tattoo out.

The Wal-Mart cashier didn't blink an eye when we brought our cart to the register.  Our haul included:

A box of Mint Crunch Moon Pies.  (new flavor, and out of this world.)

Two jars of Dukes Mayonnaise.  (Best.  Mayonnaise.  Ever.)  OK, that isn't from North Carolina but don't know if they sell it further north than Mt. Airy.

A six pack of .5 liter Diet Cheerwine. (Cheerwine is not wine.  It is a cherry flavored, caffinated soda, a North Carolina product.)

A bottle of Biltmore Estate wine, from Asheville, NC. (noting that in New York, wine can only be sold in liquor stores unless they are wine coolers, or under 5% alcohol, you do not find wine in Wal-Mart.)

Two bottles of a California wine, costing $2.97 each (!!!!!) and a couple of bottles of some other North Caorlina wine.  One a scuppernong wine, the other a muscadine.  Both are southern type grapes that you do not find in our dreary, cold climate.  (some of this wine will be gifts).

And, last but not least, a six pack of North Carolina beer.

Also noting here that Wal-Mart is a native Southern chain, originating in Arkansas.

Yes, the South will rise again, no doubt financed by Northerners who come to the South to escape winter.

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