Thursday, June 2, 2011

Name that Bite!

Before I get into my itchy dilemma, I must brag:  The Blogathon has ended.  I've blogged for 31 days straight.  (Actually, 33 days so far, and counting.)  I have my badge!  It is well earned, and I will be displaying it proudly on my blog.

Now:  I also have about eight assorted insect bites, which I must have gotten while taking photos for my blog.  We've been getting so much rain, I shouldn't be surprised that I've been bitten up.  I have bites on my legs, my arms, my torso.  A couple are near places I can't even mention in a family blog.   A country-living friend identified one on my chest as a blackfly bite.  Some of the others, I've tried to figure out via the internet, but all I know is that they are painful...and itchy as heck.   They aren't mosquito bites. (it's probably a little too early for them, anyway.)  The worst one is on my left arm.  It has two painful pimple like things surrounded by a big raised circular itchy-as-heck welt.  It isn't infected (I read up on that.) just itchy.

I asked my friend "what should I put on these"  Her response:  Witch Hazel.

So, after itching (and itching) at work yesterday, I stopped at CVS on the way home, and bought some witch hazel and cottom balls.  So far, the witch hazel seems to be working on all but the one really big spot on my left arm.  I took some Benadryl as a last resort.  I don't know if it really worked.  Things seem slightly better this morning.

I'm not about to take a picture of my arm and post it.  Although, if the Blogathon was still going on, maybe I would have.

I wish I knew what bit me up.

Sometimes, I hate spring.

Scratch scratch itch.

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