Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Day in the Life of Otsiningo Park Farmers Market and Community Garden

Today, we spent some time in the "crown jewel" of the Broome County, NY parks system:  Otsiningo Park.

Every Saturday during the summer, the park hosts a farmers market.

We bought some cheddar whole wheat and carmelized onion/whole wheat English Muffins from Gimmee Cookie.

We got some sweet corn at another booth.  Sweet corn was a very brisk seller.  We are at the peak of fruits and veggies:  we had everything from lettuce, kale, okra, onions, new potatoes, first garlic, blueberries, corn, watermelon, muskmelon, cheese, to meat ranging from veal, goat, beef, to chicken.  Other vendors had cheese (we are in a major dairy area), butter, eggs and sausage.  One vendor had Cornell nectarines and donut peaches.  (we can't grow either locally).

And many people were buying cookies and pies for dessert.

On the walking trails, a lot of wildflowers competed for our attention, along with this bunch of wild grapes hanging overhead.

We then visited our community garden.  I walked around admiring other garden plots.  Trying to "kill two birds with one stone" I took this picture of a plot through a tall wildflower.

Here is some ripening corn (again, not ours.)

From our garden, we picked beans, tomatoes, leeks, and a pattypan squash.

Of course, I'm always focused on the plants. But Otsiningo Park is so much more.

One day I may take pictures of the actual park!

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