Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2011

It's that time again - the 15th of the month at May Dreams Garden - when bloggers post pictures of what is in bloom in their garden.

 In another couple of months, all I'll be able to post is pictures of frostbit plants and, eventually, snowdrifts.  And then we'll be done until the spring bulbs come out.

But we aren't there yet, thank heavens.

Right now we are in a rainy pattern.  We up here in upstate NY (Binghamton area) are luckier than our fellow New Yorkers downstate, who drowned yesterday. Today, it was overcast and drizzle.  But we are being watered by nature while many of our fellow gardeners are stricken by drought.

As for my garden, it isn't looking all that great after the unusual heat of July (during which we were out of town!) but I still have some perennials.  In fact, much of what we have in bloom are either herbs or annuals.

This (taken from above, as my back was really stiff today - sorry) is a new astilbe we bought at a plant show in Ithaca in the Spring - and we promptly lost the label for it.  It bloomed this year and the flowers are unusual - plus, they have been blooming for a while now, longer than our other astilbes. But it looks like it is nearly finished.

This, in bloom, is pineapple mint.  The leaves are variegated but much of the white you see are the flowers - all my mints have been especially loaded with flowers this year.

This next one is lavender.

Garlic chives.

I decided to share one of my annuals - a sunflower, complete with bees.

Finally, a repeat - yellow bleeding heart - this is the Energizer Bunny of our perennials.
The shadow of fall is already falling onto my garden.  Who knows what will be blooming in September?


  1. Well you do have some flowers still showing off despite the heat. That Astilbe is rather pretty and I do so love the foliage of your Pineapple Mint. Gorgeous shot of the Sunflower with bee too.

  2. Beautiful as always, but especially love the sunflower with bonus bee!

  3. Glad you're getting some rain! Love that Astilbe...I'm thinking I might need to add some to the garden next year. I've been seeing so many mint plants blooming here too this year...wonder why...either way, I think they are so charming!


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