Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday- Here's Pye in Your Eye

This is a special Wildflower Wednesday.

I am featuring a "guest photographer" while I prepare a special Wildflower Wednesday tribute to a special woman who made a big difference in my life.

My guest photographer, whom I hope to feature more in the near future, is a woman who lives in the countryside on the border between NY and Pennsylvania.  She's lived in the countryside a lot of her life and loves the country life.  Her sister is a wildflower (well, plants in general) expert.  My guest reads my blog faithfully and I want to thank her for her support.

One of her favorite wildflowers is Joe Pye Weed.

It's in bloom so I would like to share some of her photos with you today.  Not all of these were taken this year but - that's part of the fun of wildflowers, isn't it.  (and maybe next time, I'll ask her to write the post, too.)

This is a closeup of Joe Pye weed.

Joe Pye at a church.  (and yes, there are cultivated varieties.)

A field full of Joe Pye.

A field of wildflowers, including Joe Pye.

And finally, I wanted to share one from her "archives". 

Next week will be another surprise for you. (I hope!)

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  1. What a great post!!! It's such a good reminder that no matter how lovely they look in a garden, you can't compete with the bounty found in nature!


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