Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday - The Season Starts to Wind Down

Late summer, and we are almost out of new wildflowers.  It is the last day of August - how time flies!  The goldenrod will probably be in bloom another week.  Purple loosestrife, as pretty as it is, haunts our wetlands.  Japanese knotweed continues its bloom.  I've featured these in previous posts.

Binghamton's Otsiningo Park, which I have featured in other posts, may have flooded thanks to Irene.  It usually floods after very heavy rains. I've been too busy, in all honesty, to check that out.  So I am, instead, featuring some photos taken a week ago, before Irene.  At this time of year there should be no change.

Milkweed pods abound.

My mystery grape leaf-like plant growing in a very shady area is putting on new growth.  I still don't know what this plant is, but it has already dropped its seeds, and they were definitely not grapes.

And now, for my mystery plant of the week.  Actually I have two of them.  This first one reminds me of purple loosestrife, but it is not growing in a wet area.  It isn't ironweed.  So what is it?

And finally, there is this mystery yellow flower.

Next week, I hope to check out Otsiningo Park (if I have time).

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