Monday, August 8, 2011

A Woman with Autism Fights Breast Cancer

From time to time I follow the blog of a woman with autism by the name of Donna Williams. She is an accomplished blogger, and artist.  She has autism. 

 Donna Williams has breast cancer.

Any blog written by a woman fighting breast cancer would be of interest.  But so many people with autism have major difficulties with communication (such as my brother in law) that being able to read of Ms. Williams' experience is even more amazing. And sobering, as she has to make the decision of whether she should subject herself to chemo.  All of us, we would struggle with chemo.

This speaks to me too, as my mother in law's family has a history of breast cancer.

Some of her recent entries are long.  But take a few minutes and enter her world.  It is a different world, but a world that too many of us will have to enter at one time in our lives.

Be scared. And be amazed.

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