Saturday, September 17, 2011

Even At the Farmers Markets - We Must Get the Word Out

(Sign on the edge of the parking lot of the Vestal, NY Public Library - which is closed until further notice - where the Vestal Farmers Market sets up).

The Vestal and Otsiningo Park farmers markets reopened today.  Both of them had gaping holes in their lineup of tents.  They were the missing in action, due to our local floods.

 One local family owned farm, Engelbert Farms, is a staple at the Otsiningo Park farmers market.  They will continue to be there, but they sustained major damage and do not know if they will be able to continue in business.

As we spoke with them (and purchased some cheese), they asked us to "get the word out". I am more than happy to.
Your local farmers need your help now more than ever, especially if you are in an area of the country impacted by floods, or any other natural disaster.  I am well aware that the Binghamton area is only one such area out of many.

I would like to make an appeal on behalf of local area farmers markets:  If you are in need of produce and/or meat/honey/baked goods/other farm products, please consider visiting one of your local farmers markets. Like other local businesspeople, they deserve our support and work hard to serve their loyal customers.  They can be expensive, yes, but please patronize them as you are able.  In many instances, we've found they can be cheaper, or the same price as, the larger supermarkets.

Produce selection at today's markets was very impacted. (We did not visit the Binghamton market yesterday, and I fear what I am going to find on Tuesday after I return to work.)  We spoke to several farmers at both markets, who told us what was on display was all they were going to have - the late maturing crops have been ruined.

So - if you haven't yet learned the joys of shopping at a local farmers market - now is the time to discover them.  Thank you!

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