Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday - The Flowers of Fall

The calendar has turned and it is fall at last.  (And it's still raining....)

Asters, and similar flowers, are taking the stage here in upstate NY.  Here is a nice clump, blooming among some goldenrod near a restaurant parking lot in Vestal, NY.

Remember, you don't have to live in the country to enjoy wildflowers.  Wildflowers are everywhere, there for your enjoyment.

The next several photos are taken by my guest photographer, whose photos you enjoyed a couple of times back in August.  She lives out in the rural part of our county, and lends a nice contrast to my urban photos.

Here is a picture of her purple asters.  These look to be a different variety than mine - the petals in her seem to be thinner and more "bent".

My guest has also, recently, started to see pink asters - not just the purple ones we are used to.

I also want to share two photos of viburnum my guest provided me with. I know I've seen these on the Vestal Rail Trail and if so, I know what they are now.
This picture, which is from this weekend, shows the ripe berries of maple-leaf viburnum.

And finally, this stunning picture from earlier in the year shows these witch-hobble viburnum in the red berry stage.  I love the shadows on this picture.

Next week, I am planning to have some pictures of fall foliage.  We are just about finished with new wildflowers, but fall foliage is starting to take center stage.

What is your favorite wild flower or plant of autumn?  (or, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere - spring?)

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