Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday - Rural Flowers

Today, in honor of my vacaton, I am going to let someone else do the work.

These photos are by my friend whose photos I used in my recent Joe Pye Weed post.  She lives out in rural Broome County, NY near the Pennsylvania border.  With her permission, I will be sharing (at a later time) her experience with Hurricane Irene.  But for now, I feature a couple of her photos of late summer fading into fall in Upstate NY.  These photos were taken in 2009, but would still be valid today.  Unfortunately, it has been raining since Sunday evening where I live, so any pictures there would be of very soggy wildflowers.

Fear not, I have some Maine wildflower pictures, and will be featuring them later this week.  But now, back to my friend.

It is true rural, where she lives.  So her photos are a good contrast to the ones I take, which are in county parks or rail trails.

This first photo features daisies, Queen Anne's Lace and an old trailer.

 This is one other view of her rural world.
Tomorrow, back to Maine.

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  1. Beautiful. I would love to pick a bunch and place them on my kitchen window.


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