Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Future of Wildflower Wednesday-Readers, Your Turn!

The wildflower season here in upstate NY will probably end today, with a predicted high of 43 degrees, wet snow and a freeze.  So I would like to ask my fans of Wildflower Wednesday:

What should I do during the fall and winter?  (I'm sure you don't want to see several months of dead plant and snow pictures.  Well, maybe you would want to see the snow.)  I hesitate to ask my readership because my blog has been having "commenting" problems lately but I will try this anyway.  And, although it is Thursday and not Wednesday, I didn't want to wait until next Wednesday.

Is there anything different you want to see?  Maybe a different photographer?  Did you enjoy my "guest photographer" that I used several times in August, September and this month?

I am not a professional at this - just someone trying to learn about wildflowers.  So you want fewer photos and more text?  Or more photos and less text?  Or should I just keep posting the way I'm doing now?

I note in my stats that my wildflower posts don't seem to get much readership although I know I have several devoted fans.

The future of Wildflower Wednesday depends on you , my readers.

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  1. I haven't been reading your blog for that long, but I think your Wildflower Wed posts are great! :)


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