Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday-Erigeron Into Fall

We have a good chance of frost tonight.  Even if the frost doesn't come, we are close to the end of wildflower season.  Right now, the majority of wildflowers are asters - or something called Erigeron, which are related.

The name "Erigeron" fascinates me.  It sounds like a name better suited to a fantasy series.

This photo, and the identification as Erigeron, was given to me by the guest photographer I have been featuring in recent posts.

Contrast to a photo I featured last week, purple asters and goldenrod.

Say goodbye to the last of our wildflowers.  Replacing them will be fall foliage.  This year, the fall foliage turning is uneven and doesn't seem to follow the patterns of past years.  But last week in Otsiningo Park, I took this picture.  Call it "coming attractions".  This is only the beginning.

Hopefully there will be a lot better to come.  Stay tuned - I hope to have fall foliage pictures for you next Wednesday.

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