Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday - First of the Fall Foliage and other Fall Sights

In recent years, the fall foliage has been appearing later and later here in Upstate New York.  Years ago, the Columbus Day weekend was close to peak, and it was nice (for those getting it as a holiday, which I don't) to have the weekend for a fall foliage trip.  Or it was good timing for  "last weekend of camping" outings.  Those with second homes needing to close the second home up for the winter enjoyed lovely fall foliage at the same time.

Not any more.

With the wildflower season drawing to a close I was hoping my Saturday trip to Ithaca would yield some fall color.  But, it was just starting.  This was taken at one of the stops at this past weekend's Ithaca Art Trail.  Yes, upstate NY Finger Lakes country at its best.

At another stop, a pond full of lotus plants prepares for the first frost.

At the Ithaca Farmers Market, freshly dug potatoes show the colors of fall.
I will (promise) have some foliage pictures for you next Wednesday.  For now, I'd like to tempt you with a couple of pictures provided by my countryside guest photographer.
This is a view from Hawkins Pond, a rural county park.

And finally, this is the view from another hill, Piper Hill, from last year.

Since Saturday, the colors have started to pop, so stay tuned until next Wednesday.

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  1. It's been just this week that our leaves have bloomed here. I think maybe those sunny days and clear, cool nights helped push them along. This year, though, a lot of our trees are already nearly bare, thanks to Tropical Storm Irene!


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